The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity, divinity and transformation. Held sacred by many cultures the earthy fragrance of the Lotus is delicate and intensely floral.

The Already Blessed Incense sticks are perfect for meditation, prayers and enhacing creativity. It's simple lustre awakens us to the pleasures of nature's aromatic treasures and our connection with our planet.


The Rose is a quintessential symbol of Love, its deep fruity-floral fragrance soothes and harmonizes the mind. Its regenerative characteristic helps relieve Stress, and relax the Body.

Use our invigorating incenese to greet the rising sun or simply purify your space with exotic fragrances. Be it for religious ceremonies or for creating hauntingly aromatic indoor or outdoor spaces the Already Blessed incenses are perfect for all occasions.

Already Blessed

Incense sticks packed with natural goodness.

Base made from discarded flowers, ensuring less garbage in your city.

No carbon or toxins used.

Only natural oils are used for fragrances.

Proceeds go to charity.

Every way you look at it each stick is good for you.


We at Adwaith are committed to giving back to society and to the development of our community. We have been actively contributing to relief, human, and community welfare programs.

Adwaith endeavors to be a brand synonymous with sustainability. Our concentration on sustainability has fundamentally characterized key production decisions.

Adwaith Group is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business, even our social concerns.

We take pride in our traditional history along with the impactful Vedic education - our cultural core. These are gifts we treasure and help in preserving and contributing to the future society.

As education is a core part of sustainable change, we run academic institution that services the community in and around our manufacturing facilities.

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100% Naturally made Incense sticks and cone Incense, collecting the wasted flowers from temples and recycling into Incense sticks and Cone Incense.